There is so much great advice out there on the internet about creating the perfect opt-in and getting your messaging right. I wrote about ways to find out what problems your clients want help with – want rather than need being the key word. You can read that post here. And they are all good ways to get ideas.

But another way, when you are just getting started which also helps with refining your own message is Facebook ads. This tactic will also help you when you are ready to start ramping up your Facebook ads.

I am not talking about ads here to get people to sign up for your opt-in, I am talking about awareness raising ads. If you haven’t read my post on your Facebook funnel pop on over here.

Awareness raising ads are where you share free ungated content to build awareness of your business – content where people aren’t required to hand over their email to you. They could be ads to blog posts, Facebook posts, videos including Facebook lives or to images on Instagram.

I am not advocating that you just go wild and start boosting posts (and you really should be doing it through the ads manager and selecting the use existing post option). You need to have a plan in place.

Step 1: Do some research

Do some of that research I talked about in this post. If you are already active on social media have a look at which posts, tweets or grams are doing well – that is which are getting the most engagement. I am assuming here that the people engaging are your ideal client and not just your friends who are being supportive but are never going to buy. There is nothing wrong with friends being supportive (we need more of this in the world if you ask me), you just don’t want to make business decisions based on what they like unless of course they are your ideal client.

Step 2: Identify Four to Five Problems

Identify four to five problems you could help solve with an opt-in based on the wants/problems you have identified in your research. For example if you are a Virtual Assistant you might have identified these four problems:

  • People don’t know what email system to choose.
  • People aren’t sure what tasks they could outsource to a VA
  • People are worried about choosing the wrong VA and getting ripped off.
  • People are struggling to manage all their social media.

(Word of warning: I have completely made these up and they should not be relied upon as the best problems 🙂 )

Remember they should be problems you can address easily (but not necessarily solve completely) in an opt-in as you are going to be using it to guide which opt in to create.  They should also be relevant to the services you are offering as this is the start of your sales funnel. If you are a tech VA who cringes at the idea of social media don’t try and solve the social media problems!

Step 3: Create free content

For each of the problems you have identified start to create free content whether that is a blog post, a Facebook live, an Instagram post – basically content you can promote using a Facebook ad. If you want to help people manage their social media, you could write about picking platforms, having a calendar, or how to create graphics easily.

In creating the free content test out different messaging for the problems as well. For example with the social media you could have messaging around being overwhelmed but you could also have a positive message around enjoying social media and engaging with ideal clients.

Step 4: Share your content with Facebook ads

When you are first starting out it is difficult to get enough people seeing your content to work out what resonates with your ideal client. That is where Facebook ads come in. For as little as a $1 a day you can share your Facebook posts and start to get more eyes on your content. And while you won’t get huge amounts of traffic to your content with $1 a day you will start to build up data on what people are engaging with or not.

Step 5: Track the stats

This is the most important bit – if you don’t do this you are basically wasting your money. As you are running your ads you need to keep track of which content and messaging gets the most engagement at the lowest cost. We are talking the most shares, comments, likes or views if it is a video.

Use this to guide which of those problems you want to solve with your first opt-in and which messaging including images engages your ideal client.

This is not a foolproof system. If you show your ads to the wrong people – people who are never ever going to be your client you will get dodgy data so you do need to think about the audience you are going to show the ads to. But it is a good start to helping you build up that data on what your ideal client is looking for and how they want you to communicate with you.

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