The Thoughtful Business Pause

Take a Pause

stop overthinking and procrastinating.

start building a business you love.

Imagine having a clear direction in which your business is heading and feeling excited about it.

Building your own business is such a wonderful way for us introverts to create environments in which we can thrive. To use our thoughtfulness and rich inner worlds to design something we love and supports us to live our best lives.

Yet with all the extrovert advice out there it’s easy for us to get caught in a loop of overthinking things. Being told we have to do things that don’t feel great. Leading to procrastination and busy work that leaves us tired and unfulfilled.

You’ve not had a moment to stop and think about how it’s all going. But things are starting to feel off kilter. You’re thinking maybe you just aren’t cut out for this whole business thing.

You aren’t sure what is and isn’t working so you don’t know what you should be focussing on. You just know something has to give.

You know you are heading towards burn out (or already there). Feeling like nothing matters, you are disengaged from your business and feeling flat. Not to mention snapping at anyone who even asks one question about how your business is going. 


lightbulbs drawn as flowers

Let’s get back to those wild and beautiful ideas and dreams that led to you starting your business in the first place.


Come up for air and let’s look at what you are doing before you end up quitting on that dream. 

Take a Pause.

It’s time to take a step back, reflect and look at what you want to take forward with you, what new ideas you want to add and what do you want to ditch.

To be intentional and thoughtful about what you are creating.

Doing this on your own can be hard and not just in terms of making the time.

It’s hard to get the clarity you need when you are so stuck in the weeds.

Which is where I come in. I’ll help you look objectively at what is supporting you to thrive and what is starting to feel like it needs a good prune.

You’ll come away feeling back in control of your business and taking action to create a thoughtful business that you love. 

A business that works for you and a clear lens through which to make decisions as you and your business grow and change. 


 A fresh set of eyes.

I am so happy that after following Caroline for a long time, I finally happened to open the right email at the right time!

The Thoughtful Business Pause was exactly what I needed, as I spend my days helping other people with their businesses, and this was a wonderful opportunity to really spend time reflecting on how MY business is working for ME, what I could do to enhance my business and services, and clarify what I want from my business moving forward.

Being able to take a step back and look at the business from a different perspective, and have someone who understands how to get some great reflective answers from me, was a game changer for me. I have already made some significant changes to my business thanks to my sessions with Caroline, and have no doubt that I will do more in the future (if she will have me!).

Celia Newlands

Central Business Associates

How this works:

Step 1: I send you a personalised questionnaire that gives you the opportunity to reflect and gather your thoughts (and numbers!). It also helps me to get on the same page as you. 

Step 2:  Call 1: We sit down together and look at what is and isn’t working. Both for you and your business.

Yes we’re going to look at the numbers in your business but we’ll also look at how you are feeling about the different parts of your business. Because there is no point doubling down on something that may be doing well in terms of sales but that you hate doing.

Step 3: We’ll both go away and think about what changes would support you to create a more thoughtful business. One that you enjoy working on and in.

Step 4: Call 2: We get together and look at your options for making changes in your business so it supports you to thrive and become what you want it to become. These could be big pivots and changes but we won’t ignore the impact small changes like better pricing, simple systems and streamlined marketing can make. 

Step 5: You draft your 90 day plan and send it through to me for feedback. I’m not going to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. What I’ll be looking at is if anything has snuck in that is out of alignment with where you want to go in your business (I know I do this all the time – my sub-conscious sneakily tells me I should still be doing that thing the guru said I should do). I’ll also be looking at how much you are committing to getting done. We all have a tendency to be overambitious and then we get overwhelmed with our plan.



Payment plan of 2 payments of $250 available. 

Suspect that even with a plan you’ll wander off the path? Add email accountability and support for $200 for the 90 days of your plan.

Ready to start falling back in love with your business?

Book in for a chat to make sure we are good fit and to check I’m the best person to help you.

Don’t worry. This call won’t have me pressuring you to buy now. I want this to feel like a great decision. 

Hate these calls and just want to get started? Send me an email at and I’ll send you the contract and some questions to get your pause underway.

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