Quietly Extraordinary Newsletter

Weekly(ish!)  I share my thoughts and experiences from growing a business as an thoughtful introvert. My aim with this newsletter is to be a thought sparker rather than a thought leader. By sharing my thoughts and experiences I hope to encourage you to think about your business and how you can create a business that feels aligned to all you want to achieve in this world. Rather than following someone else’s blueprint.

I also share my expert advice garnered from over 20 years experience from my training as a chartered accountant as well as my experiences working in both the corporate and not for profit sector. 

You’ll be the first to know about opportunities for collaborations, co-working and other connections.

You’ll also receive details on my offers and my availability but I aim to do this in a way that doesn’t manipulate you into feeling you need to buy them. Rather I want you to make an informed decision whether my offers are right for you or not.

My aim (and I don’t always succeed in this!) is to ground all my work in clarity, generosity and collaboration.  

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