Energy management is important to running a business as an introvert if you don’t want to burn out. I’ve written in the past about when you let people book time with you. As well as when you let people book time with you, it is important to think about who gets to book time in your calendar.

If you are just starting out in your business it can be useful to get on discovery calls with anyone who expresses an interest in talking to you. There is so much that can be learned from just talking to people. You get a sense of who your ideal client is and what problems they are looking to solve.

You also get quite a few people who aren’t going to buy. People who don’t have an intention of working with you and are just looking for some free advice. These are great people to talk to initially and no judgement on them for asking. But as introvert they will use up some of that social energy that you want to spend on your lovely ideal clients. This is all about managing your energy so you can build the business you want to and supporting your clients to the best of your ability.

Once you feel you have gotten the value from talking to everyone and working out how and who you can support best, it is time to think about putting in place a gate keeper. This gives you have time to support those who you can best assist. An extra step people need to take before they get access to your calendar.

There are a few options as to what this might look like:

Option 1: Have a buy now button on your website.

I used to use this one in my business and still do a modified version. Rather than asking people to book in for a discovery call the main call to action on the sales page is to buy.  Of course I understand that people might have questions before they buy. I offer them my email if they have questions. I can then decide based on those questions whether they are the kind that are best handled over a call or can be answered via email.

You can see the modified version I do here for my Pricing with Confidence program. It goes to a form that I use to populate an invoice and contract that automatically goes out. I wanted to make sure people saw my contract before paying me but in a way that didn’t require me to be part of the process.

Or you can do a button that links to Paypal like Thea of Introvertology does here.  

If you have higher end services then this may not be the best option – people probably want to talk to you before handing over their money but for smaller and one off services where the risk for the client isn’t so great it can be a great way for you to get people to take action without needing to hop on the phone.

Option 2: Have a form to complete on your website

This one is similar to option 1 but instead of a buy now button, people complete a form on your website if they are interested in your services. With the form, you then collect the information to decide if you are probably a good fit for the person or not. This all happens before you get on the call with them.

Jess of Jess Creatives has a questionnaire for people interested in her services. What I really like is she is very upfront that she will be checking if a potential client is a good fit before sending them a link to book a discovery call.

Option 3: Have an introduction pdf

Option 3 is next level screening. Using this option, you have a questionnaire on your website like Jess does but it is then linked to an automatic email that sends out a pdf of information on what working with you is like and who you work with.

At the end of the document you share your calendar to book a call. The idea being that if someone has bothered to fill in the form and then read through your introduction pdf to get the calendar booking link then they are probably a good fit.

With all these options, I like to offer the chance to send an email to ask questions at some point in the process. For option 1 it is on the website. For option 2 it could be on a thank you page after they have completed the questionnaire. For option 3 it could be in the introduction pdf email.

If you’re keen to implement one of these options but aren’t sure how, send me an email (you can find my details on my contact page) and I can make some recommendations around the tech to implement them.

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