I like to think of Facebook ads as a bit like a party, and just like a party inviting the right people is a must do. Invite the wrong people to your Facebook ad party and one of the following is likely to happen:

  • No one shows up to your party (aka no one clicks on your ad – they just zoom on by)
  • People show up but they leave the party pretty quickly (aka they click your ad but don’t sign up for the lovely freebie you are offering them)
  • People show up for the party and trash your house (aka they sign up for your list and you pay your email service provider to send them lovely emails but they are never going to be interested in buying from you)

You need to make sure you are inviting the right people to your Facebook ad party. People who want to see your ad and then as you get to hang out with them at the party, they want to buy from you.

But how do you do this?

1. Get super clear on who you want to invite to your party.

If you are inviting a group of strangers to your business house warming party then you want to be thinking about where they live, how old they are, do you want to invite both males and females or will the party be more fun with one or the other.  If you were holding a party in real life and it was for women’s clothing, would you invite a bunch of guys you don’t know along?

And to make sure everyone is comfortable with each other you are looking for people who have similar interests to get the conversation flowing.  Click here to download my free worksheet to help you brainstorm your ideal audience.

2. Invite along acquaintances you want to get to know better.

An even better way to have a great party is to invite people who you want to get to know better. It could be the person that you see at the coffee shop each day or that you see in the lift at work. You say hello to them and perhaps have even had a short conversation. They seem lovely and like someone you would like to get to know better.

In the Facebook ad world these are some of your custom audiences. They are the people who have visited your website, linked your Facebook page or watched your videos on Facebook. You have started having a conversation with these people – even if it is a bit one sided.

3. Invite along some friends in case things don’t go to plan with everyone else.

It is always good to have some friends at your party. These are the people who will help you set up your party, help you select the best music and maybe even clean up at the end.

In business terms, this is your email list. You can ask them what they would like help with; what opt ins would they most like to see.  They have asked you questions and given you feedback on your products and opt ins.

Inviting your email list to your Facebook ad party can be a great boost to your ad. They are much more likely to share your ad – spreading its reach past what you have paid for it. They are also more likely to click on the ad and sign up for your new product – allowing you to further build your relationship with them by showing them more of your fabulousness.

It is so easy to invite them to the party as one of your custom audiences.

Now you do need to have at least 20 people in a custom audience so when you first move to town (aka set up your business) you are going to have to approach those strangers and turn them in to friends. Perhaps by offering to meet them a coffee with no strings attached (aka show them a great post without asking for their email address).  And of course there is free social media instead of paid ads – think dropping round to the neighbours with a batch of cookies when you first move in.

If you are ready to invite your acquaintances and friends to your Facebook ad party, then download my free guide on creating custom audiences by clicking here.




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