As part of helping introverts to create businesses that support them to thrive, I curate an Introvert Marketing Bundle. This bundle brings together some of my favourite introvert marketers, contributing wonderful courses that provide introvert friendly marketing strategies, advice and action steps.

Given marketing is often one of the biggest struggles for introverts, I took the opportunity when curating this last bundle to ask the participants for their best marketing tips. 

I love the advice and actions that have been shared and I hope they provide you with inspiration and action steps to start marketing in a way that feels good with your introversion.

Us introverts are often very private people, but one of the best things I’ve done for my business is to show more of my personality in my marketing. It takes practice, but I’m now at the stage where I know that new clients and customers already know who I am and what I’m about – and it is so much easier to make genuine connections as a result!

I am a firm believer in the idea that “you are the right person for your right people”. There may be other people out there doing what you do, but they will never be able to do it or talk about it in the way that you do. And business becomes so much easier when we embrace our unique superpowers.

Ruth Poundwhite

Your LinkedIn Profile is like a mini website. That’s where the selling takes place. Good news for introverts: once you got that, there’s no need to send out those lame sales pitches via the LinkedIn Messenger. It’s all just about the relationships.

Sarah Santacroce

My best marketing tip would be to have as many 1:1 conversations with people as you can handle. Not only does this mean that you can deeply connect with people, show your personality, and talk about what you do or your offerings, it also gives you the opportunity to really listen to what your people need and the language they use to describe their issues (great for when you’re writing copy).

Eli Trier

Everyone wants to be seen and heard… show your clients you see and hear them, by giving them what they want, and using their words.

Consistency is key; align your business model to your natural tendencies so you are running with the current rather than against it.

Create your signature offer then align your other products to work in synergy with this, this will create repeat customers and raving fans.

Susanna Reay

Want to know the secret to being found by your potential customers?

The secret is to not blend in. Give your potential clients a reason to choose YOU. The anatomy of your brain is unique, you were made to stand out. But something or someone has taught you it’s safer to blend in and not be seen. Your ideal clients are looking for you, not a business owner who’s just like everyone else.

Thea Orozco


I have two tips that should go hand-in-hand. First, lean in to the marketing method that fits your personality best. If you’re introverted, get familiar with inbound marketing and how to attract people TO you. If you try to fake it with a method that goes too far against your nature, people will be able to tell.

Next, REALLY listen to your ideal clients. What are they asking? What have past clients found valuable in your work? What are the common threads you find among them? It might not be what you expect, but if you can use those FAQs, value points and language in your marketing, you’ll establish a greater connection with potential clients or customers. But it’s not just about gaining new clients; it’s about truly understanding how you can and do help people.

Danielle Zeigler

You work too hard and when you know your numbers, you can actually make the work you’ve already done work a whole lot harder.

Nobody talks about the reason you want to know your numbers and it’s because that’s what allows you double-down on what’s working, ditch what isn’t and make the kinds of decisions that turn your next launch or month into your personal best.

People tend to over-complicate data and analytics when really, you’re just looking for it to provide feedback on the work you’ve done and let you know how that’s working for you!

Lanie Lamarre

Stop falling for the shoulds. For too long, as business owners (especially introverts), we’ve been forcing ourselves to create content or market in ways that other people tell us is the end-all, be-all. And the issue is that if you hate marketing or creating content, you’re never going to do it consistently enough to see results.

So if you feel like you are stuck in a tug of war between having to create content but hating the process, take some time to reflect on the ways you like to create and show up in your business and build a marketing and content strategy and process around that. It might take some experimentation and getting first-hand experience with what doesn’t work for you.

Hailey Dale

Your Content Empire

As an introvert it can be intimidating to reach out to people both in person and online. Instead of approaching those you admire with a beggar’s mindset, imagining that you’re taking something from them, see yourself as a giver.

Know that your time, full presence, and attention is a gift in conversation. This simple mindset shift will allow others to see your value, too!

Michaela Chung

Introvert Spring

Did you know that you can exponentially increase the visibility of your business and boost awareness of your brand for as little as $2/day through the Google Display Network?

Yep! I’m talking about those banners that show up along the top and side of the articles you read online or at the bottom of the YouTube videos you watch.⁣ When you use them the right way, trust me they DO work and they can be incredibly profitable!⁣

Brand awareness is such an important part of your long-term marketing strategy because everybody who’s a good fit for your business *needs* your service right now. Or maybe they do, but they can’t access your service because of this endless lockdown.

But if those people see your brand and remember your name… guess what?! When the need does arise, you’re the first business they’re going to look up! Or tell their friends about!

And that’s why you’ve got to get your name out there!

Deirdre Andrews

Define Marketing

Be you! Understand yourself and embracing who you are. Find your own way to shine.

Fifi Mason

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