Fantastic Finishes:

Because Testimonials and Referrals Drive Your Business Growth

The Simplest Way to Make More Sales

But for it to work you need your clients’ testimonials and referrals!

You’ve seen for yourself that word of mouth marketing will help you grow your service-based business. Some of your first clients have come from friends referring friends to you. 

It is a core part of creating a wonderful business, even for the big names that are out there. They should be a non-negotiable in building your business. 

But if you are anything like me, asking for testimonials and referrals from your existing clients feels painfully awkward. So you put it off until weeks have past since you finished working with them, and then it’s waaaaaaaaaay too late – procrastination wins again!

Or worse still, you pluck up the courage to ask for feedback only to receive vague statements like “Mavis did an awesome job”. How’s that going to convince a potential client to work with you?!?

Argh! So many potential clients lost from not taking action.

What if you could put in place a system for collecting testimonials and asking for referrals so that they just happen?

Awesome, right?

Word of mouth marketing and social proof are not the latest most sexiest marketing strategies out there but they’re part of all healthy businesses for good reason: they work! Without costing you an absolute fortune to implement.

If you are an introvert they are a no brainer way to amplify your message. 

Let’s work together to create a bespoke post-project follow-up system that gathers client testimonials and feedback, without awkward conversations. I like to call them Fantastic Finishes.

By implementing Fantastic Finishes you will:

  • Have great testimonials that demonstrate why people should hire you.
  • Stop worrying about people saying no and start asking for referrals and making more sales.
  • Quickly add a stress-free business building strategy into your client experience.
  • Get feedback in your clients’ words – super handy for future marketing as there is nothing like talking in your clients’ language to generate sales.
  • All testimonials and feedback kept in one spot. No hunting through emails ever again trying to track down that ideal testimonial.

To Get Started:

Your personalised system for asking for testimonials, referrals and feedback all set up and ready to go.

What you get:

Planning session

A 45 minute one on one session where we work out what questions you want to ask your clients. These questions will help craft a great testimonial as well as providing feedback to you on your services.


Testimonial questionnaire set up

I then go away and finalise the questions we will use for fabulous testimonials for your review.

Once we are happy we have the questions right, I will set up a form using one of my favourite free tools for collecting the information. Not only will you have a form to send out but it will also keep your clients’ answers all in one spot. You want those testimonials to be easy to find and organized as your business grows.

Template Emails

Having a form to collect this information is wonderful but you need an email to send it out! I’ll provide you with a template email to send to clients, actively asking for referrals and testimonials.


Set Up Walkthrough

A 30 minute session where I walk you through the set up and show you how to use the testimonial questionnaire including how to make changes as your business grows and changes.

To get started book in for your first session:

Become the worst kept secret!

(because everyone is recommending you)

Stop letting those fabulous testimonials and referrals slip through your fingers!

Start making sales easily

Have a question to ask before you book? Drop me an email at

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