I am working with a client at the moment and we are seeing amazing results. And while I would like to say it is all down to my ad magic, I think the real reason we are seeing such great results is because she has created an opt-in that people want.

Facebook ads can do fabulous things to boost your list building strategies but one thing they can’t do is sell things that your audience don’t want. Ok so there may be one or two exceptions to this where the ad is so compelling but it is super super rare.

Before you invest in Facebook ads, I strongly recommend testing your opt-in organically whether it is on social media, sending to your email list and popping on your website. If you are new in business and you don’t have a social media following, an email list or lots of traffic to your website this can feel like a catch 22. You want to advertise to build that audience but you need the audience to test things first.

But all is not lost as there are other ways you can ‘test’ your opt-in before you hand over your cash to Facebook. Check out the following 4 methods to test your opt-in – I recommend using at least 2 of these methods to get a good sense of whether your opt-in will fly:

1. Listen to the questions people are asking.

If you know where your ideal audience hangs out – whether it is in forums or Facebook groups or the pages of competitors then one of the best things you can do is listen! Check out what questions people are already asking. What problems do they want help with. It is amazing how much you can learn just by sitting back and listening to people.

2. Ask in Facebook groups or forums.

I like to combine this one with the first method. Once you have listened to your ideal client then you can pop back in to those same Facebook groups and forums and ask them what they would like help with. Don’t be too vague – if it is a Facebook group run a poll with a few options and see which one is the most popular. You can also ask people how they would like the information. Do they want a checklist, webinar, challenge, a video series – assuming it works for the problem you are solving. There is no point offering a checklist if the problem can only be tackled using say a video walkthrough!

3. Check out your competitors opt-ins (especially the big names in your industry).

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you should copy your competitor’s opt-in – that is so not the right thing to do. For starters their opt-in may not be working! But if you do a bit of a round up of what problems they are solving and how they are solving it can give you an idea for what you could offer. And combined with your other research it might highlight a gap in the market; a problem that you know people are asking questions about that isn’t being addressed.

4. Head on over to Amazon.

What problems are being solved by the top books in your niche? Again this is not about copying but getting a sense of what problems are others addressing. Have a look at the table of contents to get some ideas. And don’t forget to look at magazines in your industry as well – you can just check out the covers to see which articles they are highlighting on their covers.

Through doing this research you will not only have a problem to address for your opt-in but you will also have a list of other problems and questions that you can use for content to attract your ideal audience. Think blog post ideas, Facebook lives, social media, videos!

Where do you get your inspiration for your opt-ins?


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