Opt-in not converting to sales? Or like me need a new one because it is a new year and you are changing things up in your business? There are some big picture things you need to think about like how your opt-in links to the services or product you are selling and the problems you solve. But there are also 4 key characteristics that increase the chance of your opt-in being a success:


1. Not be overwhelming


I know this is a mistake I have made in the past – I have wanted my opt-in to save the world (well at least make a significant different to solving a problem). But if you present a 50 page ebook or a 4 hour video then it is likely that the person who has requested the item will see everything they need to learn, freak out a little bit and then pop your opt-in in the to read / watch later box.

And the chance of that happening? I am not going to show you a screenshot of the folder on my computer where I store all these guides and videos that I am going to get to sometime. Sometime is not coming any time soon….

Instead you can break down your opt-in and use some of the magical information you have in a follow up email series – demonstrating the amazing value you offer but in a way that supports your clients actually using it.

Challenges are another great way to manage this overwhelm as you guide people through the information in bite sized pieces.


2. Encourage immediate action


Can people take action immediately from your opt-in in a way that doesn’t consume too much time yet enables them to make a small step to solving the problem? For example, if you are a web designer you might provide a checklist of 5 key items that a person should have on their website. A person can immediately take action by auditing their home page. Even if they don’t immediately update their website, they have taken a step towards working out how to improve it. You can then do follow up emails to walk them through making the changes or providing examples of how to implement them.

People love being able to make a small positive step from your opt-in and it makes you more memorable.


3. Provides instant gratification


If you ask people to hand over their email then they will want what you have to offer immediately. Have things set up so they can immediately download the opt-in or at least not wait too long. This one is a bit trickier if your opt-in is for something with a future date like a webinar but if you can send out details on what the webinar will cover, the date and time and how they access the webinar as soon as they sign up you are heading in the right direction. And even better if you can send out another small piece of value to help them get ready for the webinar. If you are doing a webinar on crushing cravings you could send out a short document with your tips for crushing cravings and share that you will talk more about them on the webinar.


4. Good formatting!


This is often one of the first introductions people have to you and your work. It needs to look professional. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a small fortune getting it graphically designed or professionally recorded if it is a video. If it is a document it should be easy to read – think fonts that are easy to read and don’t create a document with full colour background that is going to cost people an arm and a leg to print. For videos it is not about fancy studio settings but the sound should be clear and if you are appearing in the video as opposed to say a powerpoint presentation, lighting should be good enough for people to see you.

These characteristics will make absolutely no difference to your business if your opt-in isn’t linked to your services or doesn’t addresses a problem or a want of your ideal client. But if you are addressing a want they can help not only with the success of your opt-in but also start to build a lovely relationship with your ideal clients.

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