Have you read my blog post on what a thank you page is and have you set one up yet? If you have, are you putting the page to work to create your community and generate more sales for your beautiful business?

This is something I need to work on – my thank you page is not the most exciting in the world. I have been checking out other thank you pages to get inspiration on how I could use my thank you page to help the lovely people who sign up for my opt in and through helping them, hopefully grow my business.

The main thing you want to do with your thank you page is to do what the name says – to thank people for trusting you with their email address.  But there is so much more you can do with the page after that.

To inspire us both, I have put together a list of 10 ways I have seen people using their thank you page to best effect:

1. Explaining what happens next.

This is what I do on my thank you page at the moment.  It is particularly important for those of us using double opt in email systems – that is people get an email asking them to confirm their email address before they get put on your email list.

On the thank you page explain to the people who have just signed up that they will get an email to confirm their email address to receive the opt in. I like to be nice and specific and give details on what the title of the email will be and prompt them to check their promotions and spam folders.

This is especially important if your clients aren’t other online entrepreneurs who are used to the whole double opt in thingy.

2. Invite them to join your Facebook group.

If you are looking to build your Facebook group, people who are interested enough to give you their email address could well be interested in your Facebook group.  It doesn’t have to be anything too salesy, just an invite to come hang out and a link to your group.

3. Offer a low cost upgrade.

This is often called a trip wire. Offer a low cost product that is directly linked to your free opt in. One great example I have seen recently is for a pinterest challenge where you sign up for a free five day challenge and then on the thank you page you could buy a set of pin templates at a low cost. And there is nothing stopping you from mentioning this product again as part of your sales funnel.

4. Give direct access to your opt in.

As well as emailing people your opt in you can make it available to download on your thank you page. This one is more aimed at people doing a single opt in, that is people don’t need to confirm their email to go on your list. But if you are doing a double opt in, it will mean that you only get people who liked your stuff on your list. Your list might be smaller but it will probably be a much higher quality list.

5. Offer a discount on one of your products.

Similar to the low cost upgrade but for your higher priced products. Share a discount code for one of your products for them to use in a set time period. And of course include a link to the relevant sales page.

6. Offer a free discovery call.

If you offer discovery calls, this is a great place to let people know about this opportunity. Include a link to your calendar but the main thing is to raise their awareness that you do offer these, so when they are thinking about purchasing in the future they already know you are happy to chat.

7. Point them in the direction of other great free content.

If you have blog posts, videos or podcast episodes that are relevant to your opt in you can recommend that people go check them out while they are waiting for the email from you to download their opt in.

8. Introduce yourself and build trust.

Share a short video where you explain a bit more about who you are and how you can help people who have signed up for your opt in. Great for introducing yourself and starting to build trust. You could also share some testimonials to help build this trust

9. Encourage people to follow you out on social media.

You can share with people where to find you on social media to start building relationships. Prompt them to check you out and make it easy by including links to your social media profiles.

10. Ask people to share your page with their friends.

Make this as easy as possible through adding share buttons to your thank you page. Just make sure they share the landing page you want people to share rather than your thank you page.

Try one or all of these suggestions (thought not all at once!). Test which one works best for you

What other ways have you seen people using their thank you page to build community and grow their business?

Want to keep this list for later? Then pop in your details below to get a pdf version of these ideas and instructions on how to tell MailChimp or Convertkit to send people to your thank you page.

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