Grow a Business That Works With Your Introversion Rather than Against It

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Hey there Quiet One.

Do you want to embrace your introversion

and build a business you love?

Is all the stuff you think you’ve got to do to have a successful business leaving you with an introvert hangover?

That all you want to do is hide on the couch watching Netflix and not talk to anyone for days. 

If you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all the noise and chatter on the internet then welcome to this place of calm.

It is lovely to have you here!

I am here to help you quiet that noise and support you to create a business that is built around your introvert super powers rather than trying to fight against them. We are going to bop that overwhelm on the head and get you focus and clarity so you can create a sustainable business that you love and supports you financially.

This is a cookie cutter/roadmap/blueprint free zone. We are going to tailor something to you.

And when you are taking a step out of your comfort zone (if you are building a business you can’t really escape this) I will be with you all the way cheering you on.

5 ways I can help you grow a business you love:  

Take a thoughtful business pause.

With all the extrovert advice out there it’s easy for us to get caught in a loop of overthinking things. Being told we have to do things that don’t feel great. Leading to procrastination and busy work that leaves us tired and unfulfilled.

Take a pause from all the busy work and get back in touch with the wild and beautiful ideas you started your business with. We’ll work together to develop a plan to get you thriving again.

Find out more here about a Thoughtful Business Pause


Price your services to thrive

As introverts we need time for reflection and quiet. If your prices don’t factor this in then you can end up feeling you have to work all the hours just to scrape by. Which doesn’t serve you or your clients. 

With the Pricing with Confidence Program we make sure your prices allow you the the time you need while still paying yourself a good income. Prices you are confident in quoting to clients on a discovery call. 

Find out more about the Pricing with Confidence Program here.

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Understand Your Numbers

I may be biased but the numbers in your business tell you such amazing stories about what is happening in your business. 

They are a wonderful tool to help you make decisions about the direction you want your business to take, what is working and what isn’t and where to put your energy. 

I’m working on a new program to support you in demystifying your finances. To be notified when its available, sign up for my newsletter and you’ll be the first to know. 


Market your way

Marketing advice is where the noise about doing things in a certain way is loudest. Its often extrovert focussed and pushes introverts way too far out of the comfort zone.

I promise that you can market as an introvert. But I’m not the person to help you with that!

Send me an email at with what you are most looking for support with in marketing your business and I can recommend an amazing introvert to help you out in an introvert friendly way.


Nurture your belief in yourself

I can help you with your business models, pricing and understanding your numbers. But if you don’t believe it’s possible to create an introvert friendly business then none of it will have an impact on how you run your business.

To combat this, I’ve asked a group of introvert business owners to share their own stories about creating an introvert friendly business. You can find them here.

I’ve also created a quiz so you can see how introvert friendly your business currently is. Head over here to take the quiz and find out if your business is working against your personality.


Hey there, I’m Caroline

I’ve seen too many Quiet Entrepreneurs (including myself) get caught up with overwhelm and trying to pretend to be extroverts to get ahead and burning themselves out. I am on a mission to help you create a business that uses your introvert super powers and supports you to thrive.

I started off my working life as an Air Force Officer. I then wandered off to the UK to become a qualified accountant with one of the big accounting firms, volunteered in Africa, worked in Laos before heading back to Australia to work in the Not for Profit sector.

But I’m sure like you, corporate life just wasn’t quite right for me as an introvert (and I missed working with businesses). So here I am creating a life and business that works for me and I would love to help you do the same.

When I am not helping quietly extraordinary entrepreneurs build businesses they love, you can usually find me hanging out at home with a good book, a cup of coffee and my two gorgeous dogs.


Caroline M Wood

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